Sunday, April 21, 2013

Springtime in Savannah

Well it's that time of year here in beautiful Savannah where the weather starts turning warmer (though this year it's been a bit slow) visitors start climbing onto horse drawn carriages and trolleys and slowly make their way around the squares and streets. SCAD students are taking breaks from their coursework to hang out at Forsyth Park.  It seems to be waking up around here. We're getting more locals coming into the shop which is always good. Our word is getting out!

We're planning on a grand opening May 21 and that is so exciting. The artists who display in our shop will be there. We'll be offering wine and hors douerves and a 10% discount.  Mima Pejoska who's is another wonderful artist from SCAD will be displaying her work in our shop beginning in May. we'll also be showing some Native American sterling jewelry handmade by tribes in Arizona. It's an exciting time!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

It's all coming together.....

The store is looking great!  We're all loving meeting our customers finding out what they like and of course selling jewelry. We've gotten a lot of compliments on our merchandizing which is so encouraging. I having fun coming up with we ways to display the jewelry I'm having fu with it I'm posting pcs of some of our displays

We have another new jewelry artist displaying in the shop this week, Cameron Kruse.  You can Che k out ore of her work at www.Cameron

The weather is finally warming up and tourists are coming back to the city.   Well, they never really left, but I am noticing more people in town every week. If you're in Savannah you have to check us out!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Having FUN and selling out!!!

Hey Ya'll!!  Yup, I am getting awful close to becoming a real Savannahian!  Well, that's if you don't ask a real Savannahian, but I sure am having fun.  Our jewelry store opened three days ago.  The first day was busier than I thought. The line at Zunzi's is working in our favor, for sure!  Hey honey, will you hold my place in line while I check out this new silver shop....Hey honey, can I have the debit card?  I want to buy this to my ears!!!!  We've had lots of customers and it will be getting busier, so we need to stock up.  I've been finding new suppliers and we've also begun to display another SCAD student's work...check out Kristen Baird at  She has the cutest things on display here. 

In the meantime, we've had other SCAD jewelry majors express an interest in displaying their work.  Its exciting to think we can expand that part of the shop.  I think locals and tourists alike appreciate seeing their work.

Will be blogging again soon....gotta ring someone up!!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

OMG!!!! This could be addicting

Well, my friend Leigh, from The Loveleigh Closet helped me get this going.  She told me all about the virtues of # and @; all the pitfalls of not using them enough or in the right place...I can't thank you enough Leigh (and good luck in New York!!)  But I gotta tell you, this could be addicting....I can tell already.  I took a lot of pics of the pieces we'll be putting in the shop and I can't wait to upload them to the blog (happening in just a few minutes).  I was amazed when she showed me how quickly your pics can be liked on Instagram...What?  How did 5 people see it in 3.2 secs...and LIKE it, too??  Awesome stuff!  I hope it doesn't cut into my catching up on Shamless or getting this store off the ground!!

So stay tuned.  A Blogger is Born!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Starting a new store is hard work!

It's exciting too, but I gotta say, I'll kind of be happy when we open.  Which, by the way is on Monday, March 18!  In the meantime we've been painting, scraping, designing, buying...taking care of all the details that seem to keep on coming.  But I am sooooooo looking forward to taking this plunge in a town I love.

I'm also excited about the local artists that will be displaying their work in the shop.  Elissa Frankino will be the first artist to display in the shop.  Elissa is a SCAD graduate alumnus and professor at Armstrong Atlantic University.  Shes created the most amazing pieces fashioned from some surprising everyday items.  You'll never look at a stereo speaker the same way again!

From mid May to mid July Kristen Baird, another fabulous SCAD alum will be displaying her work at Savannah Silver Works. Kristen has created a variety of creative bracelets, rings and pendants and has recently begun a line fashioned after honey combs.   Watch that cuff, might grow legs and walk away!

This is just the beginning. Stay tuned to find out more about what we hope is one of the more interesting jewelry shops you'll find in beautiful Savannah!

Check us out at 110 E York Street,  right next to Zunzi's   Opening day March 18th